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Are We Still Making Disciples? Pushing the church beyond membership and Sunday morning worship (2016) $12.99 $9.75!

Has the church gotten away from making disciples? Have we become more church service oriented and less Christian education oriented? In the midst of ever-evolving congregations, have we began phasing out the true mission of the church?

With Are We Still Making Disciples?: Pushing the Church Beyond Membership and Sunday Morning Worship, minister and author Rev. Kelly R. Jackson explores these questions in an effort to move the church from a place of mere membership to true discipleship.

Written to be a supplemental teaching tool for the church, this latest work from Rev. Jackson gives church leadership another source to draw from as they look to move people from the pew to the vineyard, with a goal of producing more disciples.

This book also covers topics like:

  • The purpose of the church according to The Great Commission
  • How the world’s influence on the church is hindering discipleship
  • How the local church is becoming a destination instead of a launching pad into the world

Are We Still Making Disciples? challenges today’s church to push its members beyond just being Sunday morning Christians. It illuminates the fact that Jesus called us to do more than just join the church. He called us to help grow the church. He called us to discipleship! If the fire for true discipleship needs to be reignited in your life and in the life of your home church, Are We Still Making Disciples? is a great place to start!

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