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Where’s My Change?: Identifying our best opportunities for growth, transformation, and evolution (2020) $14.99

In his latest work, author, minister, and radio/podcast host Kelly R. Jackson tackles the subjects of change, growth, and transformation. In “Where’s My Change?”, this author helps us to confront and examine ourselves and our behaviors in order to implement some meaningful changes for the better in our lives. 

This book takes us through critical stages of change that will lead to our transformation. We discover that change isn’t as elusive as we believe, as this work opens up an internal dialogue that will lead to an external display of a brand new you.

The fact remains that we are creatures that are constantly evolving, whether by force or by choice. With this work, we’re given the tools to participate in our destiny. For those that are looking to move into a better stage of life and living, “Where’s My Change?” is a must read!

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The 30 Day Meditation, Vol. 3: Prayer and The Psalms (2019) $4.99

In the third installment of his “The 30 Day Meditation” series, Rev. Kelly R. Jackson focuses on prayer. With every Scripture being taken from Psalms, Rev. Jackson points the reader to a deeper relationship with God through prayer. While we’re often faced with trials and tribulations in our lives, it’s not just looking to God that will sustain us, but also how we look to Him. Not only must we look to God for solutions, we must also look to Him with the proper reverence. We must look to God for who He is, and not just for what we want.

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An Act of Grace: Forgiveness and Reconciliation God’s Way (2018) $14.99

In his 12th book, Rev. Jackson looks to the Scriptures once again to outline the extent of God’s grace and how we can apply that same grace to one another through our willingness to forgive offences and reconcile relationships. The Christian needs to understand that, according to the Word of God, forgiveness is not an option, but a requirement. And while it is one of the most difficult tasks that we have, when we consider what God has forgiven of us, how can we withhold it from one another?

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The Power In Your Prayers (2017) $5.99

In this devotional, Rev. Jackson gives some practical teaching on the power that exists in our regular communication with God.

Taken from Bible classes that he’s taught on prayer, this brief, but powerful writing gives instruction on what prayer is, what we should pray about, the power in corporate prayer, and four kinds of prayer that the Christian should always engage in.

This collection of thoughts and Scripture serves as a good companion piece to those that have been taught, and an excellent introduction to those that are new in the faith and are looking to strengthen their prayer lives.

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Overcoming Your Pharaoh: Battling our issues, our instances, and our insecurities (2017)

Paperback $16.99

Hardcover $21.99

“Overcoming Your Pharaoh” is the latest work from author, minister, and radio host Rev. Kelly R. Jackson. On this his 10th published work, Rev. Jackson deals with many of the issues that we face in the human existence that have us bound, and discusses how we can overcome them through prayer, perseverance and faith in God.

It’s so easy to become comfortable in our captivity, but this book inspires the reader to not only confront what has enslaved them, but also to break out of the chains of bondage so that they may receive the promise of God.

Written in his own unique style, Rev. Jackson brings to the discussion 10 different Pharaohs that we face, just as God brought 10 plagues against Egypt.

Things covered in this book include:

  • Overcoming your past
  • Fear
  • Pain
  • Spiritual Anxiety (Worry)
  • Self-destruction
  • Broken Relationships, and much more

If you’re battling a particular Pharaoh in your life, this book is sure to be a blessing and an encouragement to you. Don’t you spend another minute in bondage. It’s time to Overcome Your Pharaoh!

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30 day 2

The 30 Day Meditation, Vol. 2: Preservation, Restoration, and Motivation (2017) $4.99

In this second installment of The 30 Day Meditation Series, Rev. Kelly R. Jackson looks to draw the reader even closer to God. The last entry covered the provisions and protection of God. With this entry, he seeks to go even further, looking at God’s preservation of His people, His restoration of His people, and His motivation of His people. There’s so much that we can go through in our day to day lives, and it is still the author’s desire to reach God’s people one day at a time, just to let them know that He is still God, and He is still able.

If there is an overall theme to this collection, it has to be this: Don’t worry, God’s got it. There is often a sense amongst even the saved that because things didn’t go our way, they didn’t work out. Even those of us that are strong in the faith will find ourselves wondering if God made an error somewhere. We don’t intend to be disrespectful to God, but we’re just confused sometimes. With this collection of writings, Rev. Jackson hopes to reassure those that aren’t sure, and reaffirm that God is still on the throne.

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Are We Still Making Disciples?: Pushing the church beyond membership and Sunday morning worship (2016) $12.99

Has the church gotten away from making disciples? Have we become more church service oriented and less Christian education oriented? In the midst of ever-evolving congregations, have we began phasing out the true mission of the church?

With Are We Still Making Disciples?: Pushing the Church Beyond Membership and Sunday Morning Worship, minister and author Rev. Kelly R. Jackson explores these questions in an effort to move the church from a place of mere membership to true discipleship.

Written to be a supplemental teaching tool for the church, this latest work from Rev. Jackson gives church leadership another source to draw from as they look to move people from the pew to the vineyard, with a goal of producing more disciples.

This book also covers topics like:

  • The purpose of the church according to The Great Commission
  • How the world’s influence on the church is hindering discipleship
  • How the local church is becoming a destination instead of a launching pad into the world

Are We Still Making Disciples? challenges today’s church to push its members beyond just being Sunday morning Christians. It illuminates the fact that Jesus called us to do more than just join the church. He called us to help grow the church. He called us to discipleship! If the fire for true discipleship needs to be reignited in your life and in the life of your home church, Are We Still Making Disciples? is a great place to start!

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Are We Still Making Disciples? – Companion Workbook (2020) $6.99

This workbook serves as a companion piece to the book “Are We Still Making Disciples?” It is to be used in conjunction with the book and it provides spaces for answering questions and reflection on what’s written in the corresponding chapters of the book. At the end of this workbook, there are additional pages for other notes, thoughts, and reflections that may have come to you during your time of reading and studying of the primary text. This additional resource will help you as you study “Are We Still Making Disciples?” as it also provides you with your own “cliffs notes” and/or quick reference study guide to the book.

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Going Through to Get Through: Activating your faith during life’s most trying times (2016) $12.99

How do we keep going when we can’t see where we’re going? Isn’t that what we’re all asking? With “Going Through to Get Through”, Rev. Kelly R. Jackson helps to strengthen Christians as they attempt to navigate through the storms of life. In his seventh book, this author touches on:

  • Consecration/The Wilderness experience – How do we handle it when God tests our faith through isolation?
  • Death – When we lose a loved one, how does our faith in God help us to get up and carry on?
  • Finances – How can we exercise our faith in our giving when we have more bills than money?
  • Life – Are we accurately studying and applying The Word to our lives? Are we sure that God won’t put more on us than we can bear?
  • Marriage/Christian Dating – Are we able to trust God in choosing our mate and helping us to maintain our marriages?
  • Purpose – How can we identify God’s purpose for our lives?

God never promised that life would be easy, but there is encouragement in these pages for those willing to activate their faith!

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The 30 Day Meditation: Acknowledging the provisions and protection of God (2015) $4.99

This 30 Day Meditation is designed to put each Christian into contact with God each day. While we are aware of God’s existence, it’s easy to get caught up in living life and forget to spend some time with the giver of life. This meditation is broken down into 30 days so that it will cover a month. The idea is for the reader to focus on God and His protection and provisions at least once a day for 30 days.

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An Understanding with God: Developing a relationship with God on His terms (2014) $9.99

One of the greatest challenges facing today’s Christian is silencing our own voices in favor of listening to God’s. This challenge is felt in the everyday life of the Christian, as well as how we have begun to operate and conduct ourselves within in the church as a whole.

With An Understanding with God, Rev. Kelly R. Jackson offers a practical guide to resisting the desire to do things your own way, while allowing God to lead and guide you. Based on Proverbs 3:5-7, An Understanding with God is a powerful statement for spiritual living both within and outside of the church, delivered in a manner that Christians at any stage of their walk with Christ can receive and apply to their lives.

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A Guide For Spiritual Living: Empowering and uplifting words of wisdom, Vol. 1 (2011) $14.99

A Guide For Spiritual Living is a personal spiritual blueprint on how this author is attempting to become connected to God on a higher level through a deeper understanding of His Word. Both uplifting and powerful, A Guide For Spiritual Living gives Christians a more practical look at Christianity today. Taking the best of almost two years worth of emails, Kelly R. Jackson looks to give those young and old a way to apply the Word of God to everyday situations they may face in their lives.

A Guide For Spiritual Living also includes other writings that are both insightful and inspiring, including “It’ll be alright…” and “I thought you were a Christian…”. By showing how he’s attempting day by day to apply The Word to his life, this author hopes to give you insight on how you can apply The Word to your life as well. For those in need of Christian motivation and encouragement, A Guide For Spiritual Living is a must read.

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Peace In My Mind: The Journey To Find Ourselves While Embracing Who We Are (2009) $15.99

Peace In My Mind is the third book from author Kelly R. Jackson. In this book, he explores the many facets of the mental and spiritual sides that make us whole. In the first half of the book, this author offers humorous insight into things like why he isn’t married, his “split personality”, the mind of man, who’s the boss in a marriage, what a man’s role should be in wedding preparation and things you don’t do when visiting Eagle, Colorado.

The second half of Peace In My Mind takes a more serious look at some issues facing our society. The book shifts focus and explores the changes we’ve seen in our churches, the changes we should seek within ourselves, how we’ve allowed greed and selfishness to corrupt the black race and the difference in “government aide” for two great American tragedies, 911 and Hurricane Katrina.

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temporarily disconnected (1)


Temporarily Disconnected (Revised Edition): A perspective on the decline of Black relationships and families, and how we can achieve restoration (2016) $14.99

Where is the love in the black community? Why can’t our men and women get along anymore? What’s really going on with our children? Have our parenting skills fallen to an all-time low? Most importantly, is there still hope for true love in the Black community, or is that just a fairy tale? The book Temporarily Disconnected offers a perspective on all of these things that will no doubt spark discussion, and may change the way some of us view these often difficult to understand issues.

Originally published in 2006, this book was a glimpse into author Kelly R. Jackson’s struggle to reconcile all these different things as he struggle with the dating game. In this 2016 Revised Edition, he’s now a married minister of the Gospel. While the vast majority of this book remains unchanged, this author ends this edition with a chapter on marriage and a message of restoration. Whether you’re still going through your single days or you’ve made it through, Temporarily Disconnected offers excellent words of caution and encouragement for the Black community.

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Scenes From The Blue Book: Poetry, Reflection, and The Spoken Mind (2007) $14.99

Scenes From The Blue Book is a collection of poems that evoke joy and pain, as well as inspires and uplifts. This first volume of poems by author Kelly R. Jackson runs the full range of emotion. There are stories of love lost and found, stories that touch on the plight of the Black community and stories of redemption and spirituality.

Poems like “Swan Song” and “Familiar To Me” tell stories of letting go and the apprehension that comes with starting all over again, while poems like “Not my girl” and pieces like “The Glass” cover the still ever evolving male/female relationship issues that continue to exist. “Slave Days” and “Awake” offer inspiration, while emotions flow deeply on tribute poems like “On My Way Home” and “KJ In Progress”.

Scenes From The Blue Book also includes commentary on the entertainment industry and its views on Black America, the bond of the Black family and the struggle for self improvement. If you enjoy poetry, Scenes From The Blue Book is a must read.

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